Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Story of Florida's Transformation...

Mukantabana Florida at her business place in Nyabugogo.

Florida Mukantabana is exemplary of the verse “From everyone who has been given much, much will be required...(Luke 12:48)”

Although Florida is a widow with two children, she believes that, because of her thriving business, it is her responsibility to serve those less fortunate around her.

Ten years ago Florida joined UOB and received a loan of $43. She has a wholesale produce business where she sells in-demand products such as cabbages, oranges, and citrons. Throughout the years, as her business has grown, she has increased her loan size to more than $800.

As a result of Florida’s success she is able to provide food for her family, pay school fees, and cover medical bills. Her profits have also allowed her to repair her home’s iron sheets that had been torn off. And whenever one of her family members is in need she graciously provides for them.

Florida is a part of a Community Banking Group that is trained with UOB’s Holistic Life Improvement (HLI) modules. The lessons from the modules have helped her business thrive, particularly lessons about customer care and saving for the future.

The HLI modules have encouraged Florida to depend upon the Lord with every detail of her life and business. It could be very dangerous to work at her shop because her shop is close to a busy road. So, she knows it’s the Lord who protects and keeps her safe everyday!

Florida has become a leader among her colleagues, and she sets an example by freely giving to her church, and by loving and serving her neighbors and those who have experienced great turmoil in life.

What an example Florida is to all of us who have experienced God’s goodness! Let us remember her story the next time God provides an opportunity for us to minister to those in need. “From everyone who has been given much, much will be required...(Luke 12:48)”

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