Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 9th, Saturday... UOB Day

We hold UOB Day twice a year on the second Saturdays of January and July. On UOB Day, all UOB staff gather together to praise our God, pray to Him, listen to His word and share how He is working through UOB.

The theme for 2011 is "Shalom", the peace of God. From January UOB Day, we have been talking about "Shalom" several times through Gary Scheer, a 30+ year missionary to Rwanda from the U.S. Indeed we all Christians are commissioned to be involved in this ministry of reconciliation of all things to the creator God.

UOB is considered a BAM, Business As Mission. Its motive, vision, mission and core values clearly reflect it. UOB is in this divine reconciliation ministry through Christian micro finance. Christian micro finance is not only a means to help Rwandans transform economically, socially and spiritually. It is also the object for God's Shalom. Micro finance itself needs to be reconciled to God, meaning restored completely to "Shalom."

Thus, UOB's management theme was chosen to be "S.H.A.L.O.M." It stands for:

* Scale up!
* Harmonize!
* Achieve!
* Launch!
* Optimize!
* Maximize and Minimize!

Under this theme, God has been so gracious to UOB in 2011. We have experienced His grace in so many areas. So we honored Him and praised Him wholeheartedly together. We also prayed for His grace during the second half of 2011. We watched a "God Provides" DVD produced by Crown Ministries on the theme of "Widow and Oil" where God indeed blessed and provided for a widow ample oil through a miracle performed by Elisha. We also shared how God has been gracious by sharing the progress that UOB has made this year. We also pledged to continue to put our trust in the Lord, not leaning on our own understanding.

It is a great blessing and privilege to work with God's people in this reconciliation ministry at UOB. Thank you, Lord! - Jeffrey

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