Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Reflecting on the year 2014...

The sun setting over Chobe River in Botswana...
As the year 2014 is slowly but surely setting over the horizon, I reflect on all things that God has done through our life, counting the blessings He has bestowed upon us. They are countless, but the following 12 stand out:

1. God allowed me to translate an inspirational book, "Spiritual Danger of Doing Good" by Peter Greer, into Korean. The purpose was to help as many people as possible to read and be challenged by the book that was deeply penetrating into our heart to seek a pure motive for our good work. I have also written a chapter to a book on the Korean mission history. This book is scheduled to published in 2015.

2. We celebrated my father's 90th birthday. Long life is a blessing. It is even a greater blessing for the family to celebrate the long life allowed for my father. Amanda and James were able to join the celebration. We took advantage of this opportunity for a short traveling together in Korea.

3. Kristin and I were able to travel a lot in 2014 with our health sustained. The new counties we traveled to included: Jordan, Egypt, Capetown to Victoria Falls, Ecuador in addition to USA and Korea. I traveled even more for work and ministries to Cambodia, Thailand, Kenya, Tanzania.

4. I was able to complete my service at UOB for more than five years successfully and handed over the leadership to my successor seamlessly. I am so grateful to the Lord for this smooth transition.

5. Amanda and James relocated from New Mexico to Florida after James completed his 18-month training successfully. They were able to purchase a new house and I am grateful for their settling down after a mobile life of 18 months.

6. Joyce completed her 2-year volunteer service with Peace Corps in Senegal in May. She has since been blessed with a new job in San Francisco. It is another reason for me to be grateful to the faithful Lord for her safe return and new job.

7. We had an opportunity to have our own family reunion in Colorado. Amanda and James drove up from New Mexico and Joyce flew in from San Francisco. It was a short but a sweet time period that we treasure a lot.

8. I am grateful for several ministry opportunities in different forms, but am particularly grateful for the opportunity to serve young men and women of God through Shalom Bible Study (SBS), a disciple-making ministry for me. We paused the physical gathering in April, but resumed it on line in October. Now we are studying and meditating on God's Word through Kakao Talk because they are scattered in eight countries. May this opportunity help them grow strong in their faith and mature in their faith lives, like many faithful people who lived their lives like Jesus.

9. I am also grateful for the opportunities to be of service for God's mission particularly through Business As Mission (BAM). I have been expanding the scope of service through learning, teaching, coaching and mentoring. I attended the 3rd BAM Consultation in Korea and also was able to help out several BAMs as they plan to take their BAMs to the next level.

May this methodology gain more traction in the field of world mission to help God's Kingdom advance on earth.

10. After completing the service with UOB in May, Kristin and I have been on a sabbatical leave, seeking to rest, reflect, read and re-focus based on God's guidance. I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity. We set the time limit for one year and I trust He will surely show us the way for us to be used for His Kingdom and purposes.

11. Even during this sabbatical leave, God has continued providing to meet our needs in His own way. I have been asked to assist several organizations through consulting and advisory services. Also, He has placed me into a Christian university in S. Korea as a visiting professor. His way is always better than and beyond our imagination.

12. We were able to sell our home in Colorado at a good price and simplify our financial life, thankfully to the Lord. We acknowledge that we are only His stewards of the time, talents, treasure and relationships which we are entrusted with, and strive to be good stewards in all under our management responsibility to bring glory to Him.

As the year 2014 is setting, I trust that a new year 2015 will come around. I am excited about the new year, joyously wondering how God will reveal His will, how He will advance His Kingdom and how we will be used for His Kingdom.

Each new day is God's gift to us. What we do with each day, God's gift, is our gift to God.

Also, each day is a brand new day that has never been lived before and is the first day of the future that God has bestowed upon us. We should make a good start of the future by living each day fully with our best efforts as if it is the last day of our earthly life and with our full trust in the Lord who is the sovereign Creator and Sustainer of the entire universe. Then, our life would be an abundant life that comes only through Jesus Christ.

May you be blessed richly in 2015 and become a great blessing to all around you!

Thy Kingdom come and Thy will be done on earth as in the heaven. Amen and amen! - Jeffrey