Monday, July 4, 2011

6 Hour Hike...

Today was the fourth day of weekend hiking that I started four weeks ago.

It is a hiking around the Kigali City, but hold your hurried assumption that it must be an easy city walk. Kigali City is built upon hills so the city itself has many hills and small mountains. Wandering around the city is in itself a hiking. There is a reason for calling Rwanda "a land of thousand hills."

[This is a common scene of Kigali City that is built upon hills]

Four weeks ago, I hiked 3 hours 40 minutes. The next week, 4 hours 10 minutes and the following 5 hours 10 minutes. Today, I was able to extend the hiking time to 6 hours. I did not measure the distance, but it would have been a good 15 mile distance. The hike included seven hills that I had to climb. Some continued an uphill climb for more than 40 minutes. So it is not a small hill.

Kristin normally walks with me for the first hour and goes back home. I continue waling and hiking by myself until my course is done.

Now I have only 50 some days left before the Mt. Kilimanjaro Hike scheduled for August 28th. I am planning to continue hiking at least once a week for at least 5 hours until the departure time.

Next time, I plan to climb Mt. Kigali and Mt. Jale, one at a time, plus some extended walking in the Kigali City. I trust this exercise will be helpful when the time comes. - Jeffrey

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