Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Travel to the U.S...

Kristin and I have been traveling from April 21st in the U.S. for a total of five weeks. For the first four weeks, it will be our leave and during the last week I will be attending HOPE International's Leadership Summit in Lancaster, PA while Kristin will take care of her ill mom.

[Road trip]

Kristin and I are spending 5 days in Denver primarily for medical check-ups and many errands. We have also spent good amount of time catching up with the church leadership and friends on what God is doing in Rwanda. It has been a blessing. Our friends, Chuck and Eunice Lee, have let us stay at their home in Littleton and we have
been welcome wholeheartedly. We felt like we were staying at our own home. There have also been many other friends who have been extremely kind and generous to us. Thank you all, friends!

[Chuck and Eunice's home in Littleton]

We will then spend a week in the Rocky Mountains to rest and re-charge. We will be staying at a timeshare condo in Silvercreek, nearby Granby Lake. I will be hiking intensively for six days to prepare for the planned hike on the Mt. Kilimanjaro in August. Otherwise, it will be a time of rest and re-charge, reflecting on what God has in store for us.

We will then travel to Pagosa Springs for a few days. We plan to visit Mesa Verde and Durango.

We will then travel to visit Amanda's home in Clovis, New Mexico, stopping over in Santa Fee, New Mexico. Amanda and James, our daughter and son (in-law), are US Air Force officers and live in Clovis. This is their first home and we are excited to visit them. Unfortunately, James is currently deployed else where and we will miss him dearly.

From Clovis, we will travel to Los Angeles, stopping over in Flagstaff. While we will be staying in Los Angeles from May 11th through 14th, we will be staying at the sweet home of Mindy and Sunghoon Song, our dear friends. We are scheduled to meet many friends and also to share ministry reports at certain places.

We will then drive back to Denver on 15th and 16th. On 16th, we are scheduled to have the last get-together with our church people and we will take off to New York on 17th.

While we are in New York, we need to clean up and close the storage where I have stored my old stuff. Also, we will meet many friends for various purposes. Kristin and I will be traveling to Philadelphia on 21st to see our daughter, Joyce, who is working and living in Philadelphia. From there I will travel to Lancaster, PA to attend HOPE International's conference while Kristin will go back to New York to take care of her mom. We are scheduled to meet Pastor Steve and his wife Mona in Philadelphia, and we are thoroughly thrilled about it.

It will be an exciting trip for us in many ways and we look forward to it. May the good Lord grant us traveling mercy so that our extensive road trip may not wear us down. Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity to travel! - Jeffrey

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