Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A New Sewing Project at Kininya Church

God allowed me to start a new sewing project at Kininya Church.

The sewing project is to help 19 women, including singles and widows aging from 18 to 43, at Kininya Church nearby the Kigali City. The church pastor Muhizi and Missionary Ineza helped secure a very good sewing instructor. I found her to be excellent in skills and well prepared to teach. She will teach the students how to do hand-sewing for the first month. This is expected to help them learn how to repair torn clothes, initially for their family. After the initial training, they will be split into two groups and receive training for 5-7 additional months.

Everybody was excited about the opportunity and committed to studying hard during the training period. We are praying that, after the training, they will have learned commercially useful skills, get some work and help support their families.

To help fund this project, God allowed me to work and earn some money from teaching new KOICA volunteers for the last 2 months. It provided not only the funding for the sewing project but also a great opportunity for me to get to know and fellowship with young adults. I was able to learn about their thinking and behavioral patterns, which enhanced my understanding of them. I am grateful to God for the KOICA office that gave me the opportunity and for my new young friends.

Please pray for those 19 women to experience God’s grace through the training period and to take advantage of this opportunity to equip themselves with new vocational skills to help themselves and to be a blessing to others. May the good Lord bless them! Amen. - Kristin

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