Thursday, April 14, 2011

$200,000 Grant Proposal Approved!!!

UNCDF stands for United National Capital Development Fund. It has launched a program called BIFSIR or Building an Inclusive Financial Sector In Rwanda. It is a 4 year program established in 2010 to produce outreach to under-served Rwandans particularly with innovative solutions.

Among several contenders, UOB has been selected to receive $200,000 in grant! Praise the Lord!

This fund will be used to finance part of mobile banking solutions and agency banking solutions to accelerate outreach to 13,500 rural Rwandans over the next 4 years.

Noteworthy is that this funding proposal was put together by Marius Twite who has been lending his talent to UOB over the past two months for free. He is from the U.K. and holds a Ph.D. in Material Science. His superb writing and analysis skills shined over this proposal and we are so grateful for his willingness to help us on this proposal. - Jeffrey

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