Friday, April 29, 2011

Snowy Day in the Rocky Mountains

[Snow falling at The Inn at Silvercreek ................Snow-covered trees making a beautiful scenery]

On the second day in the Rocky Mountains, it snowed the whole day. Thus, I could not continue my planned hiking after yesterday's 3 hour 35 minute hiking. I had to settle for a 6-mile walk on a tread mill in the gym. It was boring...

I am hoping for a sunny day tomorrow to continue my hiking.

Nonetheless, the snowed Rocky Mountains was beautiful. Everything was white. While we were in Rwanda, we could not see the snow, except on the top of the Mt. Karisimbi in December 2010 when I hiked it with a few friends. Even it was just a sprinkling of snow that melted after 11AM.

This snow in the Rocky Mountains is real white snow. Pure and powdery snow. Kristin and I enjoyed the snow very much. - Jeffrey

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