Sunday, November 16, 2008

(D-75) A Yotel Experience in London

Currently I am in London in transit to Nairobi, Kenya and to Kigali, Rwanda. I am writing this post from a paid computer at the Terminal 4 of the Heathro Airport.

I just checked out of Yotel Heathro, a super mini hotel or cabin as they call it, which has a bed, a shower, a sink, a toilet, a foldable desk, a foldable chair, a TV. It has most necessaties that you need from a hotel. But the space is so small that you have to carefully maneuver. Otherwise, you bump into the walls and corners. All I did was using the toilet, taking the shower, brushing the teeth, and changing the socks. But it was a great experience. Oh... I also did the morning push-up, but I had to do it on the bed. I could not do any other exercise, though, because there was no space.

Yotel is called as such because it was invested by the Yo! Group, immitating the capsule hotel in Japan. It started from Gatwick Airport and now has presence at Heathro Airport and Schimpol, Amsterdam. Check in is done through the machine and you pass through "The Gallery" where you can buy snacks and drinks. Then there is corridor that leads to your cabin. You can see inside while you are passing through the corridor, but of course you can block the view by pulling down the blinder.

I did not pass out on the first leg of this trip thanks to the Lord's grace. But I have to take another red-eye flight to Nairobi, a longer trip than the first leg.

Please pray that:

* His grace continues to travel with me;
* His grace will put me spiritually alerted all the time; and
* His grace will enrich my relationship with God through the journey.

Praise the Lord for His unfailing grace and faithfulness! - Jeffrey

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Davahn said...

Just learned that you are on your way to Rwanda. Thanks for sharing your Yotel experience. Now I know what to look for when I stay at Yotel!

By the way, I've replied to your email about shut down problem. Hope that problem is resolved by now though...

Have a blessed trip to Rwanda!