Monday, November 3, 2008

(D-88) Stand firm with the Belt of Truth...

(Ephesian 6:14a)

The first piece of armor we are told to put on is the belt of truth buckled around our waist. It does not appear to be much of the armor, but it is so essential to hold everything else. Without the belt, all clothes will be loose and anything else we put on will also be loose. In that outfit, we will be totally unprepared for any battle, let alone the spiritual battle against the supernatural power.

Then, why was the belt characterized with the truth? What was Paul referring to?

John 17:17 says, "Sanctify them by the truth: your word is truth." It was part of Jesus Christ's prayer to the Father God for His disciples. The word of God is the truth. In other words, the belt that holds all our armor required for the spiritual battle must be of the truth, the word of God. Nothing else can substitute for the word of God, which should hold our armor together.

Truth also refers to faithfulness or commitment. In the old days, people had to put on the belt to tighten their clothes before a long journey. Putting on the belt of truth, therefore, refers to our commitment to our Commander, Jesus Christ, under any circumstances and to the long journey of the spiritual battle.

Another thought on the belt is that you have to keep putting it on as long as you are in the battle. This is the case for all first three pieces of armor: i.e. breastplate and shoes included. No soldier will loosen the belt, the breastplate, and shoes while he is in the midst of a war. In other words, when we are in a spiritual warfare, we have to refer to the word of God constantly to strengthen our commitment to the war and to seek right solutions to the issues of life at stake.

Please pray that:
* we put the word of God on top of everything else in preparing for the spiritual war
* we will seek solutions to our issues of life only from the written word of God, the Bible
* we will read, study, meditate, memorize, and if possible teach the word of God diligently and faithfully

Praise the Lord who was the Word and who was with God, and thus who was God! Praise Him for incarnating into a man to save us! May this Word be central to our lives in whatever we do!
- Jeffrey

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