Tuesday, November 11, 2008

(D-80) Updates on Schedule before Departure to Rwanda

Now we have only 80 days left before we take off to Rwanda. Below are updates on our schedule before departure to Rwanda:

November 15-22 I will travel to Rwanda to attend the Urwego Opportunity Bank Board meeting and to meet with the Rwanda central bank officials.

November 17 We will ship our household stuff to Rwanda. It will take approximately three months before arrival in Rwanda.

November 27 Thanksgiving Day. We will have the family reunion in New York since I cannot take vacation.

December 1 I plan to make the formal announcement to the bank employees and the customers.
December 5-7 We will travel to Los Angeles and hold the RMP (Rwanda Ministry Partners) Night and speak at a local church.

December 22-29 I will travel to California, Colorado, Georgia, and New York to say farewell to all staff of the bank. I will stay at home in family reunion over the Christmas time.

January 2-9, 2009 I will travel to Korea to see my family, friends, ministry partners, and to say farewell to the bank colleagues.

January 10 We will move out of the New York apartment.

January 12-16 We will travel with Kristin's friends and their husbands.

January 17-18 We will visit Philadelphia to spend time with Joyce.

January 19-21 I will travel to Opportunity International office in Oak Brook (Chicago).

January 22 I will visit OI's Denver IT Service Center.

January 24 We will hold the RMP Night with Colorado friends.

January 25 We will be commissioned at the Logos Central Chapel.
January 27 We will leave Denver to New York.

January 28 We will hold the RMP Night with New York friends.

January 29-30 I will attend a conference on microfinance in New York.

January 30 We will take off to Rwanda!

Please pray that:
* the good Lord will bless us with His grace on our hectic travel schedule;
* we may be able to manage the schedule with right priorities; and
* we may not forget our focus on why we are doing what we are doing in the midst.

Praise the Lord for allowing us the opportunity to be of service for His Kingdom and His people in Rwanda! May His grace enable us to take on and handle the assignment His way! - Jeffrey

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