Monday, November 10, 2008

(D-81) Our Commitment

Now we know that there is going to be spiritual warfare in Rwanda and in the world at large. We also know that to win the spiritual war we have to put on the armor of God. With it, now, we have the power to withstand the evil, and take our stand as soldiers in the army of the Almighty God. Without it, on the other hand, we will be defeated spiritually no matter how well we may appear to do otherwise.

Our duty and assignment is, therefore, to stand in the gap, shoulder to shoulder with the other soldiers of the Lord as He places us, resisting every attack of the devil, holding the ground, refusing to be moved, healing the oppressed, and destroying every work of the devil.

It is our commitment to obeying our Lord's command:

“Don’t leave home without it!”

Please pray that:

* we acknowledge the reality of the spiritual war;
* we cannot afford not to put on the armor of God; and
* we commit to obeying His command: "Don't leave home without it!"

Praise God for the perfect armor of God He has prepared for us to use! - Jeffrey

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