Saturday, November 15, 2008

(D-76) A Trip to Rwanda from Today...

I will be leaving New York JFK Airport this evening to go to Rwanda. The primary purpose of the trip is to attend the Urwego Opportunity Bank's November Board meeting and to overlap with the current interim CEO briefly.

It sounds like a simple trip, but the journey spans over three days with almost 30 hours of traveling time each way. I will be leaving JFK at 10:25PM on Saturday, November 15 and arriving at Kigali at 12:55PM on Monday, November 17, via London, UK and Nairobi, Kenya. Definitely I will need the Lord's traveling grace. My recent near-passout experience on an airplane makes me a little concerned. I need your prayer support. (the picture shows the national flag and part of Kigali, the Rwanda's capitol)

In Nairobi, I will see Dr. Jong Do Lee, President of ACGC, a field missionary training academy. He and I are involved in Integral Mission Alliance (IMA) together. It excites me to see him and his wife again although it will be brief over breakfast.

In Kigali, I am also scheduled to meet the Rwanda's central bank (BNR) officials for mutual introduction.

If time allows, I may be traveling to the border area with DRC (Congo) to see the refugee camps with the World Relief CEO Sammy Mah and Jean Paul (JP), WR's East Africa Director whom I met in NYC last week. The DRC border area has been going through internal conflicts between the rebels and the government troops. It is getting the international community's attention because in the midst of the conflict many civilians have to leave their homes to avoid infliction coming from both sides. The root of the conflict is deep between the Hutu and Tutsi, and dates back to decades ago. DRC went through a civil war in 1998-2002, causing millions people to be killed. It is a tragedy to see so many poeple die innocently. There is no peace on earth until the prince of peace is enthroned again now and when He returns.

I will also see Makonen Getu, VP of Strategic Development of Opportunity International, to review several projects in Africa at large. I met him in New York through the introduction of Dr. Wonsuk Ma, Executive Director of Oxford Center for Mission Studies in England. He was a long time missionary to the Philippines and a close friend of mine. I am excited to see him again.

On the way back, I am scheduled to see Rev. Jongpyo Im in Nairobi, Kenya. We were introduced to each other via e-mail and I look forward to meeting him He has been ministering to the people of Africa for almost 30 years.

While I am traveling, I will have limited access to internet and this blog may not be updated timely.

Please pray that:

* the good Lord will keep me healthy over the rigorous travel schedule;
* the good Lord will bless the UOB board meeting and other meetings scheduled; and
* the good Lord will bless all the meetings and dialogues we will share to be assured of His love for His people and of the great commission that He has bestowed upon us all.

Praise the Lord for His unceasing faithfulness in pulling His resources together and achieving His goodness in His time for His glory! - Jeffrey

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