Friday, November 21, 2008

(D-70) At the Kigali International Airport

Last five days, I was literally out of the civilization world, well at least for the internet connection. Now I am waiting to board the airplane to Nairobi, Kenya. I am sitting on a leather couch in the lounge, and having access to the internet. Yahoo!!!

From London to Nairobi, the second leg of the 30-hour journey, I had the so-called near-passout experience again. But I was able to manage it without the real passout. Thank God! In Nairobi, I had breakfast with Dr. Jong Do Lee and his wife. Coming out of the airport, I saw several giraffes and several other animals. But that was the closest encounter with the wilderness.

The two-day board meetings went well. The board members were all active and their interaction was dynamic. On Wednesday, there was a Kigali citywide demonstration agasint France and Germany that together arrested the country's Director of State Protocol, one of the close aides to the President Paul Kagame. All businesses were closed and they demonstrated and marched for over four hours. Rwanda's demonstration is legitimate because France's arrest of the lady seems totally unfounded because the charge was for shooting down the airplaine on which the former president was, which triggered the genocide in 1994. The rest of the world knows that it was the conspiracy of the Hutu Power that wanted to use the incident to spark the genocide. Well... France is still trying to pressure Rwanda to come back to them because the current government is now stopping the teaching of French at all schools from January 1, 2009. Somday, the history will reveal the truth.

I am not sure how long my computer battery will last so I will have to stop here. I will write more after I get back to the states.

After I will have dinner with Rev. Jong Pyo Im in Nairobi, Kenya today, I will take a red eye flight to London where I will take another flight to New York City. I am excited because when I land my wife Kristin will be waiting to pick me up. Yahoo!

Please pray that:

* I will have a safe trip without the near passout experience again;
* I will have a productive meeting and fellowship with Rev. Im in Nairobi; and
* I will be properly prepared for the relocation and for the new assignment with UOB.

Praise the Lord for His blessing on all the meetings that occurred and all the improvements that have been made with the bank! The bank has gone through tremendous improvement over the past five months! - Jeffrey

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