Sunday, November 2, 2008

(D-90) The Armor of God

We are scheduled to leave for Rwanda on January 30, 2009. That leaves Kris and me exactly 90 days to prepare for the departure.

Since our relocation was for the ministry to the people of Rwanda and for the Kingdom of God, we wanted to be better prepared spiritually. Rwanda had a genocide in 1994, which involved even Christian clergies. Without the involvement of the devil and his demonic forces, such a horror could not have occurred. Our relocation to Rwanda, thus, requires spiritual readiness.

We have been and most likely will continue to be busy, physically and mentally. In the midst of busyness, we may lose the focus and fail to be ready spiritually, unless we make special and conscious efforts to make ourselves ready spiritually.

Ephesians 6:10-20 describes the Armor of God that we will need to put on to prepare for the spiritual warfare. For several days, I intend to share the blessings from this passage in small pieces.

Please pray for:

* God's guidance on our spiritual focus and readiness
* God's grace on our spiritual armor
* God's grace on our undoubted trust in the Lord under any circumstances

May the God of Victory empower us with His spirit! - Jeffrey

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