Friday, November 7, 2008

(D-84) Take the Helmet of Salvation

(Ephesians 6:17a)

The helmet was the most noticeable piece of armor. It was often ornate, intricately decorated and plumed with brightly dyed feathers or horsehair. The helmet was designed to protect the head so that blows from sword, hammer or ax could not pierce it but would be deflected and yet allow the soldier maximum visibility.

In this scriptural passage, Paul is speaking to those who are already saved, and is therefore not speaking here about attaining salvation. Rather, he is alerting to the believers that the Satan is constantly seeking to destroy a believer's assurance of salvation with his weapons of "doubt" and "discouragement."
Our salvation is eternally protected and we need not fear that we may lose it. It is a fact and a promise that God made to us. At times, however, we may feel unsure about this fact or promise when we sin or do not live a godly life. This lack of assurance comes from our minds or heads because the Satan is attacking us with his weapons of discouragement and doubt. "How can you say you are a Christian when you sin or when you live such a sinful life! How can you say your salvation is secured when you are still sinning!" Whenever we have these thoughts, we are under the Satan's attack on our heads. We need to take and put on the helmet of salvation. The fact. The promise. The security.

Although our feelings about our salvation may be seriously damaged by Satan-inspired doubt, our salvation itself is eternally protected and we need not fear its loss. Satan wants to curse us with doubts, but we can be strong in God's promises of eternal salvation based on God's Scripture. Security is a fact; assurance is a feeling that comes to the obedient Christian. (1 Peter 1:3-10)

The Devil knows that to control us he needs to control the areas of the mind. The old saying is that if you give the Devil a ride, he will end up driving the car. If we allow him access to our mind (even just a tiny foothold) he will attempt to begin construction on a four-lane freeway into it. Whenever we are under attack on our mind, we need to take and put on the helmet of salvation.

Please pray that:
* we always remember God's salvation is eternally secured;
* we always remember we are under the Satan's attack on our minds when we feel discouraged or doubtful about salvation; and
* we never forget to take and put on the helmet of salvation when that occurs.

Praise the Lord who has secured our salvation and given us the armor to protect our head against the Satan's attacks on our mind! - Jeffrey

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