Tuesday, November 25, 2008

(D-66) Reflection on my trip to Africa...

A few days have gone by fast since I came back. That fast my daily routines have consumed the time.

Looking back my short visit to Kigali and Nairobi, I felt I have come closer to the reality of African life. The bank situations have become more real than in April when I visited; their life styles have become my life style to be soon. The Rwanda's conflict at the border area with DRC has become more subtle to me than when I was reading it on the newspaper. It is happening only two hour drive away.

The land of a thousand hills... the land of the genocide... the land of mountain gorillas... the land of poverty... the land of the Hutu and the Tutshi... the land of a determined president Paul Kagame for reformation... the land of forgiveness and healing... the land of hope for a bright future... the land where Christianity is revisited and revived... the land which Jeffrey and Kristin will go to, live in, and serve the people of... the land where Jeffrey and Kristin hope to experience God's presence and intimate fellowship in their lives... the land of blessings...

Oh Lord, may this opportunity of ministry bless us and make us the channel of blessing to the people of Rwanda, economically and socially as well as spiritually!

Please pray that:

* the Lord will prepare our hearts right for the ministry before we leave;
* the Lord will strengthen our will to be in line with His will; and
* the Lord will renew our mind to be tranformed first to help transform the lives of others.

- Jeffrey

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In Kim said...

You will be in my pryer list along with Steven Hong. Anytime you need help, just call me.