Tuesday, April 24, 2012

UOB Support Center Opened...

On Monday, April 23, 2012, UOB opened its Support Center in Kimironko. We worshiped and praised God who enabled us to open it in a tight schedule.

It is a three story building in Kimironko where our branch is located. Approximately 26 people have relocated to this Support Center.

The branch has also been expanded to accommodate the growing number of clients. By the time I arrived at 8AM, a dozen clients were waiting for the branch to open. The expanded banking hall seemed to be too small already. I felt assured again that the branchless agent banking is the only solution to address this growing client base. We are now pilot testing the mobile and agent banking solutions from February through May. We plan to launch it in July.

During the devotion, I shared a message based on Matthew 5:13-16 about "Salt and Light." I referred to this scripture to remind ourselves that we should be the salt of the earth and the light of the world in the area where the Support Center is located. People know who we are and what we do. If we fail to live up to our identity as children of God and His Kingdom citizens, we may end up disgracing our God.

The life of the salt requires us to be righteous before God. Such a life will only slow down or prevent the decay of the world. It will also add the flavor of "purpose" to the meaningless and futile life of the world. Any impurity will only cause us to reduce or lose the saltiness. The life of the salt plays a role of preventing the negative aspect of life in the world.

The life of the light requires us to be always facing the true light, Jesus Christ, to be able to reflect His light to the world. We are not the light ourselves. We only reflect the true light that Jesus himself claimed to be. We should also be pure and clean before Him to be able to reflect His light effectively. The scripture refers to being the light as doing the good deeds. Through these good deeds in His sight will bring God praise He desires and deserves. The life of the light plays a role of reflecting the true light positively and proactively to the darkening world.

We plan to hold a reception on June 7th, Thursday, with the UOB board members, after the board committee meetings, and invited guests.

May the good Lord continue blessing us to be effective blessing to many others around us! - Jeffrey

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