Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Korean Movie Night at Korean Embassy...

UOB staff wearing "I love Korea, I love Rwanda" shirts
20 members of UOB staff participated in a Korean movie night at Korean Embassy in Rwanda on Thursday, April 19th. The Ambassador Heon Lee greeted us in person along with several staff, and provided us with snacks and "I love Korea, I love Rwnnda" shirts. We were grateful for their services and hospitality.

We watched a short video presentation about Korean's miraculous economic and social development after the 3-year Korean War that destroyed the peninsula into ruins. We also watched a few K-Pop music videos. K-Pop musics are spreading like wild fire not only in Asia but also in Europe and U.S.A.

The movie we watched was titled "Into the fire." This movie was based on a true story about 71 student soldiers who fought against North Korean troops to slow down their rapid advancement towards a city called "Pohang" during the Korean War.

All our staff was moved by the young students's sacrificial deaths, but they were more inspired by Korea's unbelievable economic development stories just over a half century from the second poorest country in the world after the War now to one of the top 10-economies in the world.

I challenged our staff and encouraged them to aim high and to work hard towards making it happen in Rwanda also.

May it come true in Rwanda indeed! - Jeffrey

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