Sunday, April 8, 2012

Resurrection Day in 2012...

Jesus Christ has risen from the dead!
He is alive!
He has become the first fruit of all resurrections to come.

Resurrection is an essential component of Christianity. Without resurrection, Christian faith is futile.

Resurrection is different from resuscitation. Resuscitation is restoration of breath on a recently dead person. There are numerous cases: Lazarus, Peter's mother in law. Even some people have reportedly gained resuscitation in recent days. But they die again.

Resurrection is different from reincarnation. Reincarnation is getting born again into another being according to the believers of this. Another being could be another human being, or the same human being in different times of history or another form of living creatures including animals. Buddhists believe that life circles around and around. If you are a good person in this life, you have a high chance of being born into another good being in the next life that may come after decades, centuries or thousands of years. If not, you may be born into another not so desirable being. Resurrection is not what reincarnation claims to represent. Christianity does not believe in this.

Resurrection is different from regeneration. Regeneration pertains to a spiritual rebirth that takes place when a sinner confesses his or her sin and accepts Jesus as the Savior towards salvation. Resurrection goes beyond regeneration.

Resurrection represents people coming alive with a transformed glorious body like that of the resurrected Jesus. There has not been such a case, other than Jesus Christ, and there will be no such a case until Jesus Christ returns as the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords on the day of Jubilee. Through His resurrection, Jesus became the first fruit of all resurrections to come, including yours and mine if you are a born-again Christian.

Resurrection points to the glory. Thus, it gives hope and purpose in life. It makes us prepare in this life for the life to come because it will be eternal. Resurrection leads us to see the eternity of the life to come. What a privilege!

Like Christmas, Jesus Christ's resurrection has been tarnished with commercialized unrelated stuffs, such as bunny, eggs, lilies although I acknowledge their historical connections at certain point in time. Resurrection is a bodily transformation into a glorious body without constraints in space and time. It presents a body without pain, agony or sorrow. More than anything else, resurrection makes it foreseeable for us to be with the Lord forever and ever. He is risen indeed! Praise the risen Lord! Rejoice! - Jeffrey

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