Thursday, April 26, 2012

29th Wedding Anniversary in Brugge Belgium...

A surprise fire cracker for Kristin made her laugh
April 25th is our wedding anniversary day. We celebrated our 29th anniversary in Brugge, Belgium. After a long trip from Kigali via Nairobi and Amsterdam made us tired, but a wonderful dinner, at a surprisingly fine French restaurant at the hotel we are staying for two nights, made our celebration joyous. We praised God's faithful grace that was poured upon us over the past 29 years in many forms and shapes.

Obviously there have been ups and downs, laughs and tears, joy and pains, times of health and sickness and times of agreement and disagreement over the past 29 years. But one thing clear has always been that we honor and worship Jehovah God and Jesus Christ. He has been the third string in our relationship that bonded us together and strong even when our own relationships were shaky. (Ecclesiastes 4:12)

God has not only helped us spiritually born again into His light but also helped us draw closer to Him little by little to be like Jesus Christ. We know we are still far off and it is a long way to go. But we trust He will never give up on us as long as we cling to Him and we will eventually be like Him when we wake up. (Psalms 17:15)

He has entrusted with us two daughters who have received the seeds of the gospel when they were young and have been educated well. Amanda graduated from US Air Force Academy and is married to a US Air Force pilot, now living in Clovis, New Mexico. Joyce graduated from Wharton School at U Penn and is now getting ready to go to Senegal as a Peace Corps member. Both daughters make us proud of them and we are grateful to our God for them.

He has also entrusted with us many different ministry opportunities: youth ministry, college ministry, young adult ministries, English ministries at three churches, teacher training ministry, Project BGAN ministries, short term missions, bible study groups, shelter ministries and now ministering to Rwandans. We have been blessed and we are deeply grateful for the blessings we have received.

A beautiful setting
The desert, the highlight...
We worked together. We traveled together. We served together. We ate together. We walked together. It is a great blessing to have a company in life.

However long our remaining life may be and whatever ministry He may lead us to do for the rest of our life, but we have one thing in common and we are very clear about it: we shall honor and follow Jesus Christ's lead and His instruction.

Thank you, Lord, for holding us together for 29 years! May the faithful Lord hold our hands together as we walk along with Him for the rest of our life together! - Jeffrey 

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