Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Five-Week Leave...

Kristin and I will be traveling from April 24th until May 28th. It includes a trip to several countries in Europe, a trip that involves medical and dental check-up, a family reunion with our children, seeing old friends, filing a tax return, seeing Kristin's mother who is ill and attending a conference in Lancaster, PA.

The trip to Europe has been long waited. We meant to be part of an organized bus tour for quite some time and now is the time. We will visit Bruges (Belgium), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Berlin and Dresden (Germany), Prague (Czech Republic), Bratislava (Slovakia), Vienna (Austria), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Venice and Rome (Italy) and The Vatican City. I know the duration of the visit to each city will be short, but we are excited about this insight trip.

We have our medical doctor in Littleton, Colorado and our dentist in New York City. Our older daughter and her husband live in Clovis, New Mexico and our younger daughter is living in New York City. Kristin's mother and her brothers all live in New York and New Jersey. Moreover, we have friends and supporters in California, Colorado and New York. So the logistics are somewhat challenging, but in one form or another we will get to see them, we pray.

I will also be attending a week-long HOPE Leadership Summit to take place in Lancaster, PA where HOPE International is headquartered.

So the cities that we will be visiting in sequence are:

Kigali - Amsterdam - Brussels - Bruges - Amsterdam - Berlin - Dresden - Prague - Bratislava - Vienna - Ljubljana - Venice - Rome - Florence - Rome - Amsterdam - New York City - Denver - (Kristin visits Los Angeles) - New York City - Lancaster - New York City - Kigali (via Amsterdam)

We are deeply grateful to the good Lord for this travel opportunity. Before we leave, however, there are still tons of work to be done. It is my prayer that we may receive the Lord's favor in managing the priorities and tasks effectively prior to our departure in Tuesday evening. Also, there will be still a lot of projects to progress while we are traveling. May the Lord also be gracious to us and UOB while we are away! - Jeffrey

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