Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Study on the "Sermon on the Mount" Completed

On Friday, April 20, Shalom Bible Study (SBS) completed its study on the Sermon on the Mount. It has taken 20 lesson. 12 members participated in the last session and we all sincerely prayed and pledged to start applying the lessons into our lives like building a house on a rock, rather than on sand.

New members have joined us and they all look sincere and committed. A missionary family has yielded the seats to new members because we were running out of space. How grateful we are for their considerate heart!

As usual, we had a special dinner for fellowship. This time, Kristin cooked "Vietnamese wrap." It was delicious and everyone loved it!

For the next bible study, we have decided to study on "Believers' Armour" based on Ephesians 6.

Unfortunately, we forgot about taking a photo.

May the good Lord continue blessing us through this bible study! - Jeffrey

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