Friday, April 6, 2012

UOB Annual Report 2011 Published

UOB has published its annual report for 2011.

Its cover page shows "Shalom" at the background and a white dove that is about to descend. (See the left.)

Shalom was the spiritual and management theme of UOB for 2011. While we were preparing the annual report, we realized again how gracious our God was on UOB in 2011.

Not only UOB grew significantly, almost doubling its loan portfolio and achieving a 70% growth in deposits, but also it scaled up its transformation efforts in 2011. Staff morale was boosted and we clearly saw God's touch.

We thanked our God again and again and again.

Our love for God and commitment to our faith in Him have become even stronger.

God is good all the time. - Jeffrey

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