Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hearts and Hands International

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On January 23 and 24, Hearts and Hands International, in collaboration with UOB, provided medical and dental services for Rwandans in two villages in Gicumbi District: Bwisige and Muko.

Hearts and Hands International is a S. Korean NGO that focuses on providing medical and dental services for developing countries to help advance His Kingdom. It is a mission organization. Hearts and Hands International received the Rwandan government's approval for its Rwandan operation in December 2011 and this outreach is the second to one made in September 2011. Missionary Minsoo Koh is the country director in Rwanda, who himself is a veterinarian doctor. Kristin is serving this ministry as Director of Program and coordinated this outreach.

Patients waiting for their turns
In this year's outreach, a medical doctor, two nurses, a dentist, an oriental medicine doctor, two dental technicians and several other assistants participated. On Monday, Kanombe Hospital, Rwanda's military hospital also participated with its mobile clinic and a few medical staff. The mobile clinic was provided by the Korean government last year.

Several hundreds of Gicumbi residents benefited from the medical and dental services and hundreds of UOB's clients were among them. Along with the health outreach, "Jesus" film was shown to hundreds of children which was produced in Kinyarwanda. To most of them, this was the first movie they have ever watched. It must have been a blessing to them.

Dr. Jun treating a patient
On Wednesday and Thursday, Hearts and Hands International also conducted an outreach in Musanze at two places: ISAE, Rwanda's college of agriculture and an Anglican church where the services were provided in September 2011 also. They also provided medical and dental services for Korean residents in Kigali on Friday.

The 8-member mission team included an 89-year old man who is the father of the medical doctor. He has been attending church services for most of his life but met Jesus in person when he was 85 years old. He is now serving at a church by cleaning the bathrooms every Sunday. He was an inspiration to me. May his service inspire many others to imitate the service spirit to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world!

One of the health centers
The team also included a high school student who is graduating next month and a retired police officer who used to be Chief of Police for the City of Seoul, a high rank police officer in S. Korea. The medical doctor will arrive in Seoul midnight on Sunday and continue traveling to Mokpo over night. After arriving in Mokpo around 5AM on Monday, he is planning to go to work. What a commitment he has! They all gave me different types of inspirations and challenges through their sacrificial services. May God bless them to live an abundant life in Christ! - Jeffrey

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