Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kininya Sewing Project Graduation

All students together
January 5th was a special day for 16 women at Kinyinya Church that has been founded and supported by a Korean missionary, Ms. Bohye Kim. They graduated from a sewing school that lasted for eight months under the teacher, named Felicite. We have been privileged to sponsor this project with the support of friends in the U.S.

After the eight-month training, only 10 people were able to pass the test to start commercial production. They will begin with five sewing machines in five groups. As their skills develop further and they gain more commercial business, an over-lock machine and zig-zag machine may be provided for them to enhance their commercial competitiveness in the area.
Each student receiving a certificate

They started with practicing hand-sewing initially and gradually learned more difficult skills. Now they are able to produce primary school uniforms, shirts, simple dresses and gift items. Yes, they still need to improve further, but their development has been significant.

During this training period, these women also learned English from Betty, an English teacher. English is an essential language to be able to conduct business with foreigners, or called "abazungus" in Kinyarwanda. Rwanda is in transition from francophone to anglophone and most Rwandans are still pretty rough with their English.
English teacher (Betty), Felicite, Kristin

It is our prayer to see them continue to develop until they become commercially sustainable. May the Lord's grace be upon them! - Kristin

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Unknown said...

Wow! That is such an awesome story! May their skills keep increasing and may their futures continue to be be blessed! Thank you for sharing!