Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shalom Bible Study Members

Shalom Bible Study in August 2011
Shalom Bible Study or SBS has been around for the past three years. We started with five and have now grown into 17, including SBS B that spun off last year, plus several who have gone back to Korea.

SBS members are diverse. Most are KOICA volunteers, but it also has a missionary family, a businessman and a high school student in addition to our couple.

I am introducing some of them as follows:

Minsoo Koh and Aesim Kim - A missionary couple. Minsoo Koh was a veterinarian and Aesim was a teacher. His mission program centers around providing medical and dental services through Hearts and Hands International, a Korean NGO. They have a son, named Kyungchul who is now 15 years old. He is an active participant of our bible study despite his young age.

Jihye Moon and her art class students
Sejun Park - A businessman. His family is still in Nairobi, Kenya, but will eventually move to Kigali. He runs a health equipment business. His passion for God is apparent. He plans to run a bible study with his employees from next month.

Sunghye "Anna" Yoon - A KOICA volunteer. An athletics teacher at a secondary school in Musanze. She has been showing great transformation lately. She is also involved in "home building" projects for the poor.

Jihye Moon - A KOICA volunteer. A sculptor and art teacher. She is serving now at an orphanage house in Kinamba, Kigali.

Minjung Kim and her students at KIE
Minjung Kim - A KOICA volunteer. An athletics teacher at Kigali Institute of Education. She is good at swimming and gymnastics.

Hye-young Choi - A KOICA volunteer. An athletics teacher at a primary school in Musanze. She used to participate in speed walking competition and also to coach people.

Isaac Baik - A KOICA volunteer. An instructor at Kigali Institute of Science and Technology in Kigali. He is sepcialized in mobile technology.

Karam Kwon - A New Village Movement volunteer. She is serving in a team to help transform a village in Kamonyi District.

Saangkeub Lee - An intern at UOB. He is a student at Seoul National University Graduate School. His heart is in sustainable international development.

There have been many others who have gone through the Shalom Bible Study. I really enjoy the fellowship with them. I see and feel the spiritual growth that is taking place in our hearts. It is only by God's grace to have this fellowship and is a tremendous blessing to us all. Praise the Lord! - Jeffrey

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