Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 14, UOB Day

UOB Gospel Singers. They are wonderful!
On Saturday, January 14, there was UOB Day at Lemigo Hotel, Kigali. This is the fifth UOB Day since we started holding it.

UOB Day is a day when all UOB staff gathers together to worship God, praise Him for who He is and what He has done through UOB. We also acknowledge the people who have been newly promoted, welcome new members to UOB family and appreciate those who have worked at UOB for five years and 10 years.

In January, we also award prizes for the teams that conducted Process/Service Fit Test best and produced most inspiring transformation stories of our clients. Rusizi EBU pretty much dominated all the prizes on transformation this year.

Sharing 2012 Business Plan
Also in January, we review the last year's performance and the new year's business plan, as we call it "God's mission for UOB in 2012." Each year, we establish a theme that integrates our spirituality and management objectives. Last year, it was "Shalom" and the year before last year it was "Arise." In 2012, the theme is "In Christ."

Throughout 2012, we will study and meditate on the heavenly blessings embedded In Christ. The preacher delivered a message based on Colossians 2:9,10. Also, we use it as an acronym to implement management actions: I.N. C.H.R.I.S.T. stands for:
2012 Management Theme "IN CHRIST"


Each item has one or more actions that will require everyone's participation. Everyone of 240 staff. There is no one who is left out of UOB's management theme for the year. All participate throughout the year and all celebrate at the end. It is a collective and mutual empowerment. It is integral and holistic.

Giving a UOB logo pin to Nick Meakin, a new staff
Making announcements for those who are promoted
On this UOB Day, we had one more special activity. We produced a Rwanda map of 10 feet x 10 feet and asked all EBU relationship staff to put stickers on the map indicating the places where our group meetings take place. Over one hour, our staff working at 11 EBUs placed the stickers one EBU at a time, bending and kneeling on the map. The final product was gorgeous! This map will go on one of the walls in my office. This map will be used for establishing the network of agents to implement mobile and agent banking.
Staff praise the Lord together

A staff placing the stickers on the Rwanda map

I sincerely prayed that we will receive His favor in implementing mobile and agent banking to relieve our EBU relationship staff from handling cash. May the Lord bless our effort! - Jeffrey

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