Sunday, January 1, 2012

Shalom Bible Study Year-end Thanksgiving Gathering...

On Friday, December 30th, Shalom Bible Study had a joint gathering between two groups. Including children and four guests, we had a group of 25 people. We first enjoyed gourmet foods that a few families prepared. They were delicious!!! May God bless those hands that cooked the food!

We had a great fellowship, eating, meeting new people, talking.

We watched a DVD, titled "Widow and Oil" based on 2 Kings 4:1-7. The situation that the widow had to face was challenging. Elisha was asking her "What do you have?" The widow said, "Nothing!" Indeed she was poor, but she had something. A little oil. God blessed this oil and multiplied it to fill dozens of jars that were borrowed from her neighbors. God's unceasing flow of blessing may only be experienced when we trust that He will provide in His way.

We all have something. Actually many things that we have received from God. But often we forget to see what we have received. Rather we tend to focus on what we wish to have or what we do not have. This causes a false sense of poverty. We should focus on what we have received and we now have, and be thankful to God who has provided. From there, we will be able to experience His abundant provision even more.

We all expressed our gratitude to God in prayer. Lord, thank you for this year's blessings! May we even more deepen our faith and trust in You in 2012 to experience greater abundance of your grace! - Jeffrey

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