Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Starkey Hearing Foundation ... 2,250 Rwandans Now Can Hear Better...

[People are patiently waiting... Chance who was one of 2,250 Rwandans that received the free hearing aids ... Hearing Aids waiting for the owners ... Bill Austin placing a hearing aid on Chance with the assistance of Dr. Charles Murigande, the Minister of Education]

Starkey Hearing Foundation was established in 1973. It mission is to help the hearing-impaired people around the world through education, research and provision of free hearing aids. Rwanda saw Starkey Hearing Foundation in action last week and this week. Over 5 days, Starkey Hearing Foundation has provided 2,250 hearing-impaired Rwandans with free hearing aids. The Minister of Education, Dr. Charles Murigande, was the guest of honor. Along with Bridge2Rwanda, Hope International, MTN, Pros for Africa, UOB also participated in promoting to the target people so that they may benefit from this campaign.

Starkey Hearing Foundation's primary sponsor is Starkey Laboratories, Inc. that dates back to 1967 when Bill Austin established Professional Hearing Aids. It merged with Starkey Hearing Aids and Starkey name was retained.

Bill Austin is still active as CEO for this billion dollar company. He came to Rwanda with a professional football player, a professional singer and a bunch of hearing aid professionals to provide help for the Rwandan hearing impaired people.

Bill Austin is a Christian. He read a parable about a young rich ruler who wanted to know how to be saved but could not follow the instruction from Jesus Christ to sell his possessions, give them to the poor and follow Jesus. The bible says that he turned back in sorrow because he had great wealth. Bill was challenged by this parable and decided to share his wealth to help the hearing-impaired people through Starkey Hearing Foundation. This year alone, he provided 2,000 people in Uganda with free hearing aids and 2,250 in Rwanda.

Starkey Hearing Foundation continues to work to help the hearing-impaired people, so the world may hear.

May God bless them richly! - Jeffrey

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