Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Opportunity International's New Unified Vision...

Opportunity International is a global network of Christian faith-based micro finance institutions. It has several supporting members that focus on raising funds and a couple of dozens of implementing members that focus on implementing micro finance programs around the globe. UOB is an implementing member of Opportunity International.

Historically, Opportunity International has maintained a loose global matrix organizational structure with maximum freedom allowed for all supporting and implementing members in pursuing their vision, mission and core values suitable for each country's environment. The common thread among them was the motivation as called by Jesus to serve the people in need. Flexibility was a virtue, but at the cost of unity and unified perception on the network.

Globally, Opportunity International has launched a campaign to re-define and refine its vision, mission and core values towards more unified and synergistic organizational network for maximum resource mobilization and maximum impact. This strategic movement has produced twenty strategic initiatives, including the unified vision, mission, motivation and core values as one of them.

There are more on the way. It is a daunting task that has taken a couple of years to date and at least a few more years until all strategic initiatives take shape and bear meaningful fruits. It may take even more time until all the intents and impacts of the initiatives are fully trickled down to all staff in all organizations around the world in the Opportunity International Network.

For now, the new unified vision has been announced officially and posted on Opportunity International's blog.
To read the blog post, click here

May God's grace and guidance be upon the global leadership team in this endeavor for like-minded unity with their godly visions, profound thoughts, effective communications and seamless executions! - Jeffrey

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