Saturday, October 5, 2013

OI CEO Conference in Mombasa, Kenya - October 2013

Opportunity International is holding it functional conferences regularly. It is one of the blessings that we have in remaining connected and informed of each other's ministry.

On October 1st and 2nd, Jeffrey attended this CEO conference held in Mombasa, Kenya.

Approximately 44 people gathered together. This group of people included 11 CEOs from 11 countries, 11 CFOs of these countries and all others were functional experts who work regionally or globally.  CFOs joined together for one day because of the discussion about business planning process for 2014 and beyond. Functional experts include resource development personnel, agricultural finance specialists, education finance specialists, human resources, finance, operations, risk management, audit, IT, mobile money etc.

Opportunity International has been going through a lot of changes. These changes are strategic and significant. A great portion of the conference was allocated to learning about these changes and what their implications are to each country. Also, a great portion of the time was spent for business planning.

Many uncertainties still remain, but changes are worthwhile when things are not going well.

I had a mixed feeling about the changes. On one hand, I was getting excited about the changes that have been and are gong to be made while on the other hand I was feeling relieved that I will not be part of these changes after February next year.

At least for now I know what needs to be done before my departure and what needs to be communicated to my successor.

Overall, it is always good to be away from your routine once in a while and equally good to look forward to going back home. I am just grateful for the opportunity to learn, see old colleagues and say farewell to many whom I may not see again at all. It was my last CEO conference with Opportunity International. I was fortunate to have this group photo taken.
- Jeffrey

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