Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ministry Updates - January 2014...

Kristin with Yaramba Nursery children
It was like yesterday that the new year 2014 began. But the first month has already passed by. I realize that we should be better prepared to live each day to make the most out of it.

The following were highlights of what has been done in January 2014:

1. UOB Day was held on the second Saturday. We have selected this year's spiritual and management theme for UOB to be SHINE based on Matthew 5:14-16. To learn more about UOB Day, click here. 

Apophie, Recipient of Holistic T-Award
2. One of the highlights on UOB Day was recognizing four clients who received UOB Transformation Awards. They each received Economic, Social, Spiritual and Holistic T-Awards. Their stories are fascinating and we were so blessed by what Christian micro finance can do to the poor people. To read their stories, please click here. 

3. I visited two groups of UOB clients in Gicumbi. The first client is one of UOB's micro business loan (MBL) clients, who runs a chicken farm. The second group was four groups of clients in a village whose population is predominantly Muslims. We have been serving these clients for the past five years and we have been bearing many fruits. It was a blessing. To read about this story, please click here.

Clementine, UOB client who raises 7,000 chlckens
4. We submitted a proposal to GIZ, the German development agency, to be the financial institution to implement its Energizing Development (EnDev) program for village grids and solar lighting lamps. Among four pre-selected institutions, UOB has been accepted. We still have to iron out many details, but UOB will be able to manage up to EURO4 million for these projects. Another blog will be posted on this. Praise the Lord!

5. Most of UOB staff performance evaluation was done in January and MoUs with business units have been worked out to deliver the goals and objectives established for the bank.

6. Opportunity International Germany has received approval on its proposal to finance UOB's agricultural programs starting from the second half of 2014. Details need to be worked out, but we indeed experience God's continuing provision of the resources we need. Thank you, Lord!

7. January was another month of receiving several visitor groups. Among them were OI Global CEO Vicki Escarra and several women business executives and donors and Tom Phillips, a long time supporter of UOB and 10 students who are involved in Service over Self (SOS) in Memphis, TN,  Transformation always works both for clients and donors. They all should learn and be challenged by the needs in the field.
Vicki Escarra, OI Global CEO

8. Yaramba Nursery (Gicumbi) was formally open and 61 students who have registered. Kristin is traveling to Yaramba once a week to teach the young children English songs. We are blessed by the progress being made.

9. Jeffrey continued serving God's people through teaching at Shalom Bible Study and preaching at UOB and Agape Church Rwanda. We both participated in the Korean Missionary Fellowship prayer meeting. We are equipped and edified through these ministries.

10. We both met four students whom we have been supporting for the past three years. One has graduated To learn more about Rwanda's education system and these four students, click here.
With four students we have been supporting
from the secondary school and three are continuing their study at secondary schools. They have grown quite a bit and more mature than before. We were grateful for the opportunity of serving them.

11. We have prayer requests. Please remember to pray with us for the following subjects:

  • The search process for the next UOB CEO continues. Please pray that we may be diligent in searching the CEO whom God has bestowed upon UOB so that he or she may arrive in time for timely handover in April.
  • Please pray that SHINE theme may be shared and implemented among all UOB staff to be an effective light spiritually which shines according to God's will and also to focus on eight management themes to be effective in serving the clients we have been called to serve.
  • Please pray that UOB may continue progressing T24 R12 model bank migration project that has been progressing smoothly to date. We honor our Lord for His grace upon this project.
  • Please pray that mHose and client service point strategy will be expanded further to relieve our lending staff from handling by at least 90% by the year-end.
  • Please pray that UOB will develop capacity to manage grant programs effectively as God provides more resources. This program management involves effective implementation, accurate monitoring and evaluation, and timely reporting. 
  • Please pray that Kristin and I may be able to discern God's will for our next ministry opportunities. 
  • Jeffrey has been involved in translating a book, titled "The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good" into Korean. The first draft for publishing has been finished and please pray that the final editing process will go smoothly. It is scheduled for publishing in February 2014. Also pray that this book may help many who are involved in the ministry of "doing good."
  • Please pray for our children who are in transition. Amanda and James are in transition through training for a new aircraft that James will be flying. Joyce will finish her Peace Corps volunteer service in May and will be looking for the next opportunities. May God be with them in their transitions. 

Thank you very much for your standing with us in these ministries. You are invaluable to us in these ministries.

Gratefully in His services,

Jeffrey and Kristin Lee in Kigali, RWANDA