Thursday, February 27, 2014

UOB Leadership Retreat February 2014...

UOB holds a leadership retreat usually in February. In 2014, we held this retreat with almost 50 leaders participating.

This 2-night 3-day leadership retreat focuses on three R's: Rest, Reflection and Renewal.

Rest goes without saying much. Rest is not just doing nothing, but getting away from daily routines and immersing in the beauty of God's creation and fellowship with colleagues, better yet brothers and sisters in Christ. Through praise, prayer and preaching of the Word, we also find rest in God and in Him only. It is, therefore, a physical, mental and spiritual rest.

Reflection is on the reality of the past and the present. The cold reality of the challenges we have faced in our business operations, including but not limited to the decline in loan disbursements and loan client number, the rise in PAR, write-off and frauds, and the deterioration in operating sustainability. Also, we reflected on the upcoming big projects such as T24 R23 model bank migration project and GIZ EnDev program. Reflection gives us a sense of how weak and helpful we are and how much we need to trust and depend on God.

Debating on topics
Voting for the best business improvement ideas
Renewal is of the strength, the hope and dedication. We can find the true north and draw strength from the true north, Jesus Christ. This renewed strength is of Christ, by Christ and for Christ. Drawing this strength from Christ gives us a hope in that only Christ can give. The hope that eventually He will achieve what is good in His eyes. Thus, we can renew our dedication to loving Him, to responding to His calling and serving His purpose.

Group discussion for business ideas

Explaining the rules of the votes
This was the last leadership retreat for me and it was my prayer that the good and faithful Lord equip and empower them in what they do for serving the underprivileged people of Rwanda through UOB. - Jeffrey

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