Monday, August 5, 2013

UOB Day July 2013

UOB Day is held on second Saturdays of January and July each year. It is the day when all UOB staff gathers together in uniform to celebrate who God is and what He has done for us. We praise Him, honor Him, pray to Him, listen to His Word and dedicate our lives to Him and His Kingdom. We also review what we plan to do for His Kingdom in serving the poor whom we have been called to serve.

On July 13, another UOB Day was held. The speaker was Pastor Antoinne who is an Anglican pastor. He was the senior pastor at St. Etienne Cathedral where I worship and fellowship. He is one of a few entrepreneurial pastors, as I call them, in Rwanda. They know the importance of businesses in His Kingdom and they emphasize the need to reconcile all things, including business and politics, to be reconciled to God until the Day of the Lord comes upon us. We were inspired by the message that God spoke to us through him.

Pastor Antoinne
All staff praising
On this July 2013 UOB Day, we established a new program to honor some clients who have been exemplary in the work of Transformation. We call the program "UOB T-Awards." T stands for Transformation. There are four categories: Economic, Social, Spiritual and Holistic T-Awards. Semiannually, all business units will submit their transformation candidates to the management and the management will go through an independent evaluation process and meet to decide the winners. These winners are recognized on UOB Days in front of all staff and thank God for His work in their lives. Also the business units will be recognized for their transforming work in their lives.

Praise Team Leading  the Praise
For the first UOB T-Award winners were selected for one Economic T-Award, two Social T-Awards (because we could not pick one over the other) and no Spiritual T-Award and one Holistic T-Award. They all received a cash prize and a plaque honoring their transforming examples.

UOB T-Awards Recipients
On this July 2013 UOB Day, we also recognized one of our clients who received Honorable Mention Thurman  Award for Africa from HOPE International. Thurman Award is a special recognition for one client selected out of all candidates submitted from around the world. In the past, two of UOB clients received this honorable awards two years in a row.

Group Photo
We all shared the challenges that UOB faces and dedicated ourselves to break through them with joyful and grateful hearts with trust in the Lord who will eventually help us pull through from this challenge.

May the Lord grant us His grace so that we may see the breakthrough made sooner rather than later! - Jeffrey

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