Saturday, August 24, 2013

Rz Manna Bankery and Cafe... A Social Enterprise Opened in Rwanda...

                                                                   Rz Manna means "miraculous taste" in Hebrews.
Rz Manna
Rz Manna is a name for a bakery and cafe that has been newly opened in Kigali, Rwanda.
Rz Manna Bakery and Cafe is a social enterprise that has been established by the joint efforts of Handong Global University (HGU), KOICA and Shall We?.  

HGU is a Christian university in S. Korea. It dares to claim Handong God's University. To see a blog, Click here Handong provides manpower.

KOICA is Korean government organization that helps promote international development and cooperation in developing countries. KOICA provided funding.

Shall We? is a bakery in S. Korea. Shall We? provided bakery knowhow.

Their joint efforts have produced Rz Manna Bakery and Cafe.

The grand opening ceremony took place on August 14th, 2013. Many people attended in the ceremony, including the Korean Ambassador to Rwanda, Mr. Hwang, Soon Taik and Chief Representative of KOICA Rwanda, Kim, Sang Chul. Most of the attendees were Koreans, but there also were many non-Koreans.

Koreans welcome this bakery and cafe for obvious reasons. They now can taste Korean breads, cakes and tarts.

Many non-Koreans welcome Rz Manna because now they have one more option for reliable bakery that can supply good quality pastry and coffee for them. 
Rz Manna CEO Professor Doh, M.S.

I also welcome Rz Manna as another choice for good quality pastry, even better, of Korean taste, but I have one more reason for welcoming Rz Manna in Rwanda. I envision how this business may be used for improving the welfare of Rwanda.

It will first produce employment for Rwandans. In the beginning, Rz Manna has hired 25 Rwandans. As the business grows, this number will also increase. Job is good. It produces income not only for the worker but also for the family and extended family.

It will also produce business for the suppliers. The downstream impact could be only greater as the business grows and expands. It means jobs, income and energy to the economy.

It will also produce the transfer of technology and quality service. Rwanda needs to see many examples of good business and service practices. Rz Manna will definitely bring skills and service from Korea, which I trust will help improve those of Rwanda. This transfer of technology and quality service will only help Rwanda transform faster and to be better. 
Tape Cutting

It will also produce profit. Profit is good because it helps the business to grow and expand. It also provides funding for the social purpose of Rz Manna. For now, Rz Manna intends to help improve the hygiene of underprivileged people. Without profit, this social purpose will bear no fruit.

I shared a message at their dedication service the night before the grand opening ceremony. And I reminded the staff, mostly Christians, that they should remember God's mission, on top of the commercial and social mission. God's mission is to let the world know who God is and His infinite love for the lost souls. Not necessarily by the Word only but by their life styles or deeds. 

It is my desire and prayer that Rz Manna will be a successful business that brings much value to Rwanda and people of Rwanda, achieving significant economic, social and spiritual transformation. - Jeffrey

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