Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gicumbi (Yaramba) Nursery Construction Completed!

Yaramba Nursery
After long several months of construction, Gicumbi (Yaramba) Nursery is now ready to open!

As I reported earlier this year, the construction has progressed well and smoothly with a minimal budget overrun. It is solely God's grace that made this happen. I praise the Lord for His marvelous grace!

The last two visits have confirmed the good finish of the construction of the nursery. The water tank has now been installed. Toilets have also been completed. The rain drain gutters have been installed. The supporting walls towards the church have been erected. All desks and chairs for children have been brought in. Desks and chairs for teachers are on the way. Now the nursery has been decorated by a few lady artists, inside and outside the building.

In July, there was a vacation bible school run by two short term mission teams from the U.S. and Korea. These events helped inform the people in the Yaramba Sector of the nursery and attract potential students, up to 60. Some of the photos of the VBS are posted above.

Now, the nursery is in process of recruiting teachers. It will start with two teachers and two assistants. The church can afford only teacher so we will provide support for one teacher and two assistants at least for a year. In August, I am scheduled to interview some candidates.

The original budget was $15,000 for the construction, furniture and fixtures. The cost overran by 15%, but well within the funding that has been provided. If any supporter is interested in detailed report, please let me know. I will send you a detailed report.

Now  the operations are in the hands of a Korean missionary Bohye Kim and her colleagues. I will continue following up on the progress and once in a while I will share the new developments.

Below are some of the photos that show the progress from the beginning till now. It has been a wonderful ministry opportunity to experience God's grace throughout the process. Praise the Lord!

Thank you all for the support through prayer and finance. Your support has been central to the successful construction of the nursery.

Please pray that the nursery will be staffed with competent and caring teachers and assistants who will serve the children in Yaramba as if they do it for the Lord.

All honor and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ! - Kristin

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