Thursday, March 28, 2013

UOB Academy ...

UOB Academy is UOB's comprehensive program for staff development. It has four sub-program components.

First, it includes all internal training programs. UOB Academy has identified and developed several faculty members who provide training sessions for staff on select topics periodically.

Second, it includes all external training programs. UOB identifies certain areas that require training for staff, determines the most suitable candidate to champion the program and sends him or her to attend one or two external training programs to design and implement the internal training program. There are exceptions where trainees are sent for training, such as ICT or accounting.

Third, it includes external degree or certification program. UOB selects and sponsors certain staff to pursue bachelor's or master's degree in micro finance. Africa MAIN is the source for these degree programs being conducted in Uganda (Anglphone) and Cameroon (Francophone). Recently we started offering a certified program in micro finance at Frankfurt School of Finance in Germany on line. Two have been certified and six are in training. We plan to implement this program down to managers.

Fourth, it includes school tuition fee reimbursement program. When UOB staff pursue further study in any subject, they are entitled to the reimbursement of the tuition fees for up to certain limit.

On Friday, March 22nd, 2013, I conducted a 5-hour training session for 19 officers of UOB on the subject of "Banking for Managers." They all are in leadership capacity and the program was designed to help them understand the history of banking and basic/additional functions of banking, and how to use key ratios for effective management. They seemed they liked the program. But it was not easy to pour out my heart into the training for five hours physically. I must be getting old.

I am scheduled to teach one more class in October this year on the subject of "Essential Management Skills and Leadership Competency." - Jeffrey

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