Sunday, March 10, 2013

Gicumbi (Yaramba( Nursery Progress Report #3

It has been truly God's grace that has been upon this Gicumbi (Yaramba Sector) Nursery project.

Mud bricks first intended for use
The most recent visit was made on March 5th and I am recapping the history for the past three months or so.

Originally, the church planned to use the mud bricks to build the nursery.

Church members working 3 months ago
We committed to building the nursery with regular red bricks and asked the church to help flatten the land. The church responded immediately.

Flattened land 2 1/2 months ago
30-40 church members have worked hard and in a week, the sloped grass land has been flattened. The way the work had been done was impressive.

With Pastor Innocent and Hyun, Architect
Hyun, Architect from Korea, agreed to draw the floor plan pro bono. God provided funding through His people in the U.S. and Korea. Pastor Innocent and his church members put their commitment to running it as an exemplary nursery. God's plan worked beautifully in harmony.

Laying foundations 2 months ago
The construction began quickly from laying foundation, to building walls and putting the roof and windows. All construction progressed from the start to putting the roof only in just two months. It is rare to build this fast with this quality in Rwanda. All these construction works have been done on schedule and on budget, which is very rare. Obviously, there were some items that were left out of the original budget, but the funding has been sufficient to cover all these extra costs so far. God has been good and faithful. I trust that God has blessed the hearts of His people and concerted efforts that His people have been making with His abundant grace. Praise the Lord!

Nursery completed 2 weeks ago

 Here is the nursery completed with metal roof placed and a corridor also covered to provide protection against rainy days. We intended to put colored roof on the building but the pastor wanted to save the budget. But the walls and other frames have turned out to be of very good quality. We keep hearing compliments about the fast pace and solid quality of the construction. Most recently, one contractor who has been building another nursery else where visited the Gicumbi Nursery and admitted on the quality of the work.

Church sign
Fence around the playground a week ago 
Now the church has purchased a piece of land adjacent to the nursery to use it as the playground for children. Fences are being installed.

Sample Desk and Chair. 
Meanwhile, we have ordered a sample  desk and chair. They looked so cute and sturdy. So the carpenter has the final order and is making eight desks and 64 chairs. These furniture should be completed in three weeks.

Now the next step is to review and plan for the operational aspect. The church has identified a female member who will be put in charge of running the nursery. A missionary from S. Korea has also agreed to help with the operational aspect of the nursery.

I am grateful for the progress that has been made to date and praise the Lord. Please pray with us for God's continued gracious hands on this project so that it may become an exemplary nursery not only in the quality of construction but also in the quality of the nursery education. - Kristin

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