Saturday, March 30, 2013

Aflatoun --- Workshop for Children Education...

UOB participated in a workshop for AFLAAcademy. AFLAAcademy is a virtual school that trains the trainers who will in turn train the teachers at primary and secondary schools, who wil in turn again teach the students about financial and social education.

Aflatoun is a fireball figure that fell from an outer space, they say. What does it have to do with child education?

It symbolizes an empowered child

Aflatoun is a Financial and Social Education for children, aged 6-14. Aflateen is a sister program for youth of 15+ years of age.

It is a child-centered program that encourages learning by doing through games and activities
The program's ultimate goal is "behavioral change" in children.

Aflatoun is now in 95 countries and has been introduced to 1.5 million children. It is a significant program for child education on finance. These children save 0.73 cents per month per child totaling $2.75 million. Wow...

In 2012, these children formed 976 social enterprises and 4,054 financial enterprises.

These children scattered all over the world observe the International Aflatoun Day on March 17th of each year.

UOB received a funding from DFID Rwanda for Innovation for Education. UOB is implementing a holistic program that targets 1) children for financial education, 2) primary/secondary students and their parents with school fee loans and their education, and 3) school entrepreneurs with school development loans and their education.

This workshop is for the first compoent of financial education for children. AMIR (Association of MFIs in Rwanda) has been retained to carry out this program for UOB.

It is my prayer that this program will produce measurable and significant impact on their financial knowledge. - Jeffrey

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