Thursday, March 28, 2013

Agape Korean Church Rwanda...

In Rwanda, there is one Korean church. It is called Agape Korean Church of Rwanda. It is a house church but the number of believers who worship on Sunday is now over 90, including children. It is a significant number given that the total number of Koreans living in Rwanda is approximately 150.

Most of the members are KOICA volunteers. They serve for two years and most of them teach at schools. The subjects that they teach are becoming more diverse every year. Most of them used to computer and athletics before. Now there are people who teach telecommunication, electronics, cooking, nursing, fine arts, business administration, tourism, Taekwondo, agriculture, and even hair dressers.

The church does not have a full time pastor. So the Korean missionaries ministering in Rwanda take turn in preaching on Sundays.

Newly Arrived KOICA Members
I am also on the roaster of preachers. For the past year or so, I have been preaching about what pertains to God. So far, I have been covering God's Will, God's Time, God's People, God's Righteousness, God's Kingdom, God's Abundant Glory, God's Promises I and II, God's Blessings I and II.

On March 24th, I preached about God's Love. The opportunity to share the Word is a blessing in itself. The time to prepare and meditate on the Word is already  a precious time of fellowship with God through His Holy Spirit. Through these opportunities, God helps me grow stronger and more mature in my faith in the Lord.  

Agape Korean Church Members after Christmas Service
I am so grateful for the opportunity of preaching at this young and dynamic church. The church has a string quartet accompanying the time of praise.

The church has been praying for God's provision of a full time pastor who can shepherding this young congregation.

Jehovah Jireh! - Jeffrey 


Unknown said...

I am from Sri Lanka. My daughter went to learn Korean to a school run by a Korean Church couple (Aroma School) in Colombo Sri Lanka. I shall be coming to Kigali to start a housing project there. I would be happy to be able to meet with Koreans living in Rwanda. We are Christians. If interested you may get an idea of my work at

Dr Darin

jlee80111 said...

Hi Dr. Darin, thank you visiting the blog and leaving a comment. But I am no longer living in Rwanda. When you go there, visit Rz Manna Cafe and Bakery and ask to meet with the owner to discuss your interest. Best wishes, Jeffrey