Friday, December 10, 2010

Gathering of Christians in Kigali Financial Sector...

On Friday, December 10th, more than 200 Christians in Kigali's financial sector had a gathering in thanksgiving to the Lord who has been gracious in 2010. They called the gathering "Christian Financial Forum."
[Pastor Antoine, my pastor, and Governor Francois, my governor]

The central bank governor Francois Kanimba was the guest of honor and Pastor Antoine delivered the message. Also in attendance were acting senior director of financial stability, Joy, director of bank supervision, Francoise, and the chief economist at the central bank. I was the only non-Rwandan and non-African, but I was glad to be part of the event.

The governor said, "I am encouraged by the fact that there are so many Christians in the financial sector." He did not anticipate this big number of financial professionals gathering in the name of the Lord and praising His name, he added. He shared his own experiences in God's providence and guidance during his 10 years as the central bank governor. He said he would come next time not as the guest of honor but as a member, drawing a big applause.

Pastor Antoine delivered a message based on the life of Joseph. He described five reasons for Joseph's success:

1. He knew God and revered Him
2. He walked in integrity, always conscious of God's eyes
3. He gave glory to God in everything
4. He was innovative and professionally excellent
5. He was gracious, particularly to his brothers who tried to kill him

Pastor Antoine challenged and encouraged all participants to be like Joseph wherever we are and work. It was inspirational.

As part of the program, 16 UOB Gospel Singers praised the Lord. They are a jewel for not only UOB but also Kigali's financial services industry.

I was asked to pray for the financial sector. "Oh Lord, bless the financial sector and every Christian in the sector to walk in integrity, to be exemplary, to be professionally excellent and to be living witnesses of the gospel of love and hope..." Amen! - Jeffrey

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