Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Gifts for the Needy Families from UOB Staff

We are so grateful for the opportunity that UOB staff had to serve the needy families before the Christmas. UOB staff contributed RWF320,000 (approximately $520) with which UOB matched to make it RWF640,000 or $1,040. Out of this money we bought 550 kg of rice, 22 cartons of soap bars, 275 kg of sugar, and 66 liters of cooking oil.

We visited 22 families (3 widows in Kicukiro and 19 child-headed families in Masaka).

One widow is crippled (both legs) and her artificial legs broke. She has not been able to leave her bed since August 9, 2010 without help. She told us that she had prayed with her two grand children ( between 5 and 7 years) that God provide them with food for Christmas one day before we brought the gifts to them. To her surprise, there we were! She was so emotional that she chocked several times trying to thank us and God for what she had received.

The same applies to the other two widows. They were so thankful for what our staff did!!! They wept, they danced, they became speechless........Praise the Lord and thank Him for the little gift we could share with them.

The 19 child -headed families in Masaka were short of words in expressing their appreciation. The oldest among the 42 children was about 25 years old. He told us that he was worried about where to get food to be shared on the Christmas Day, as the head of all those families. He was so thankful that God cares for them and answered their prayer at the the time of their need. They were all so thankful to know that there are people who can remember and pray for them.

We gave each family one bag of rice (25kg), 17.5 kg of sugar, 3 liters of cooking oil and 12 soap bars.

May God brighten their hearts and bless them with joy and peace! - Jeffrey

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