Saturday, August 8, 2009

Gecko... is a Friend to Us

Gecko is well known to many Americans as the mascot for GEICO, an insurance company. I would guess that a gecko was chosen because the company name GEICO sounds similar to Gecko.
In Rwanda, geckos are friends to people because they eat bugs at their homes.
At our place, there are two geckos: a small one and another tiny one. They freely move around the house primarily on the walls. Initially, Kristin was freightened when she found one on a wall and she tried to kill it instantly. At that time, we had a guest visiting with us and he told us that geckos are friends to us. They do not bother us and they eat bugs. So Kristin cautiously and skeptically let the gecko get away.

We have since seen the gecko on and off. These days, we even do not think of them any more, but at first we just did not feel comfortable when it was on the ceiling upside down right over our dining table.

We found another tiny one later. Sometimes we enjoy watching it move up and down on the wall, hoping that they will catch all the bugs that are living with us in the house. Part of fun living in this country. - Jeffrey


In Kim said...

Tell Kristin that Gecko is insurance agent and it should make her feel secured....Ha Ha Ha....

jlee80111 said...

Hi In, you are right. She should feel secured. I trust all is well with you. Shalom. - Jeffrey