Sunday, August 2, 2009

EXPO 2009 in Kigali

[The Expo entrance........................ The Expo ground .................... One of the handmade products]
Currently, an international trade fair is taking place in Kigali. It started on July 30th and will last until August 10th. It was reported that 419 exhibitors from 10 countries are participating in the Fair.

Kristin and I took time today, Sunday August 2nd, to visit the Expo. We paid a little less than $1.00 per person to enter and another $1.00 for the parking.

There were many booths, but the items were mostly household goods, such as food, clothing, souvenirs, shoes, and some light industrial goods. The booths in the Import Section were displaying better quality goods than the Rwanda Section. That leaves Rwanda with some room for improvement. Many of Rwandan vendors were cooperatives. These cooperatives should find good momentum to develop into enterprises.

The scale of this year's 12th Expo was quite small to be called International Trade Fair, but it is improving. They are planning to build a new trade fair ground that is six times larger than the current location. I was envisioning an International Trade Fair in Rwanda that is attracting many IT vendors and buyers who are actively placing orders and buying goods not just for a cheap price but for the quality and technology. Would it be possible in 10 years or 20 years? I suppose it depends on God's plan to be done in His time.

I was sincerely hoping and praying that Rwanda will become the African tiger nation. Oh Lord, I pray that You bless Rwanda and the people of Rwanda so that they all may turn to You and draw near You in their plans and their lives. May your name be glorified! - Jeffrey

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