Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rwanda Ministry Partner Night in New York...

On Thursday, January 29th, we held the RMP Night with 40 plus New York brothers and sisters in Christ at Dae Dong Manor in Flushing.

What a bunch of wonderful people there were! Rev. Min Song Ahn, senior pastor of New York Presbyterian Church, opened the Word for us with 1 Samuel 3 on the story of Samuel listening to the voice of God while the Chief Priest Eli being unable to listen to Him. Rev. Ahn emphasize that it is a blessing to be able to listen to the voice of God.

It is indeed true that we listened to the voice of God in our relocation to Rwanda. We felt assured of His calling and direction. In that context, indeed, it is a blessing to us. May this blessing be continuing for the rest of our journey in Rwanda as Rev. Ahn stressed.

We then prayed together and we were sent off by our dear friends in prayer. What a blessing it was! Clearly we felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and we experienced the divine blessing.

The brothers and sisters in Christ included many bankers, including a bank president, three professors, many businessmen, a lawyer, public health professional, community foundation president, two pastors. Their support and encouragement will undoubtedly keep us strong in our journey.

Please pray that:

* we will continue our fellowship through prayer and correspondences;
* we will continue to share how God is working in our daily lives; and
* we will continue to encourage and edify each other through our testimonies of God's grace.
- Jeffrey (in London waiting to board a flight to Nairobi, Kenya)

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