Monday, January 26, 2009

(D-4) Commissioning at Logos Central Chapel...

Yesterday on the glorious Lord's Day, Kristin and I were commissioned to Rwanda. Jesus said in John 20:21, "Again Jesus said, "Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you." We all are being sent by our Lord. Sent to the world and to the ends of the world. We are grateful for this wonderful opportunity to be sent overseas to participate in helping advance the Kingdom.

The commissioning was specially meaningful to us and to the church congregation because it occurred on the day the Logos Central Chapel was celebrating its 10th anniversary. ( )It was even more special because I was directly involved in the foundation of the Logos Central Chapel as the Elder responsible for Christian Education at Korea Central Presbyterian Church. I was asked to give a short presentation about the history of the LCC. I praised the Lord for His gracious and faithful blessings on the LCC over the past 10 years since the humble beginning with only 20 some members. How wonderful it is to see His body grow in number, in faith and in maturity! Under Pastor Matthew's leadership, the church members are now growing mature to live a missional life as living witnesses to the love of God. Thank God for Pastor Matthew!

Please pray that:

* the good Lord will continue to bless the LCC with greater spiritual maturity;
* the good Lord will continue to equip Pastor Matthew and the leadership to be exemplary leaders; and
* the good Lord will use the LCC in a mighty way to advance the Kingdom to the ends of the earth through their missional lifestyles. - Jeffrey

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