Monday, January 19, 2009

(D-12) Opportunities to share the Word...the 21st birthday for Joyce

Now there are only 12 days left before we finally take off...

Since I got back from my trip to Korea and we moved out of the New York apartment the next day, I have had a couple of opportunities to share the Word: first to the young adults at New York Presbyterian Church on January 11 and second to the English Ministry congregation members at Jubilee Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, PA today (January 18). Also at Jubilee, I shared a testimony with the Korean congregation over two services. All opportunities were blessing to me, more than anybody else.

People were telling me about the blessings and challenges that they received. Particularly those in financial professions were sharing how greatly encouraged they were that they could also use their professional skills and knowledge for the Kingdom purposes. A young adult who is studying international development naturally showed great interest in learning more about the ministry. A young accountant desires to stay in touch to discern what God has in store for him. Many young people pledged to pray for the ministry.

Meanwhile, I have also received several contacts from the Kingdom people who pledge to support through prayer and ask for updates. I do not know many of them, but I am excited about the network of people whom the Lord is connecting me to. Praise the Lord!

While we were down in Philadelphia, we also celebrated the 21st birthday of our daughter Joyce, a few days in advance. What a wonderful journey that Joyce has come through thus far all thanks to the wonderful grace of the Lord!!! I shared with her how grateful we are to the Lord. Pastor Steve, his lovely wife Mona, and their youngest son Christen joined our dinner for Joyce. It always brings us great joy to get together as a family. As Joyce is finishing up her final semester at the college, she is searching for vocational opportunities, hopefully in an area that combines her business degree as well as her visual studies degree. While I am reasonably confident that a Wharton graduate will be able to find a job opportunity without too big a problem, I have to go to the Lord for His grace in her job search process so that she may find a right opportunity that is good in His eyes as well as satisfying to her heart.

[Kristin, me, and Joyce] [Christen, Pastor Steve, and Mona]

Tomorrow, Kristin will go back to Denver to finalize her preparation. I will travel to Chicago to visit the Opportunity International's main administrative office for a couple of days. Then I will visit the OI's IT Service Center in Denver. On January 24th, we will hold the Colorado RMP Night and on the 25th we will be commissioned at the Logos Central Chapel. On this day, the LCC will celebrate its 10th anniversary day. We never arranged to have our commissioning coincide with the anniversary day of the LCC, but with God's providence it turned out to be the same day. Since I was an elder in charge of Christian Education at the time the LCC was established and was directly involved with the founding process, my feeling about the LCC's 10th anniversary goes deeper than many others. How marvelous our God truly is!

On the 27th, we will leave Denver for New York. We will hold the New York RMP Night on the 29th and I will attend a two-day conference on microfinance on the 29th and 30th. At night on the 30th, we will finally take off to Rwanda.

Please continue to pray that:

* we will be able to handle all remaining tasks well and without compromising our health;
* we will be able to secure many genuine prayer partners who will joyfully participate in the ministry through prayer; and
* we will be able to witness God's grace on Joyce's final semester and her job search process.

All praises go to the faithful Lord! - Jeffrey

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