Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finally... we are off to Rwanda!

After a two full-day conference on microfinance on Thursday and Friday, we are finally off to Rwanda via VS10 from New York JFK to London. Currently we are waiting for a flight to Nairobi, Kenya and will continue to fly to Kigali, Rwanda.

Until the last minute, it was a hassle. my mother-in-law fell during the middle of night early this past week and had to go to the emergency room and was hospitalized because of a fracture on her shoulder and a possible heart arrythmia. As soon as we arrived from Denver on Tuesday, Kristin had to be a full-time caregiver for her. She was later discharged with the clearance on the heart side, but had to see other doctors for a follow-up. Kristin, on Friday, got into her own sickness with diarrhea and vomitting, only several hours before our departure. After I got back to my mother-in-law's apartment, I had to hurriedly pack and get ready to leave. By then, Kristin felt a lot better, but with an empty stomach. It was God's grace that she became better.

My mother-in-law has been dependent on Kristin for her medical care and she felt uncomfortable seeing Kristin go when she was sick. But after we prayed together, she felt better and gladly released us to go.

With seven pieces of luggage, we boarded the airplane. It was another immigration all over again. Both Kristin and I felt unbelievable about being able to depart as scheduled. We praised the faithful Lord for His overflowing grace.

Please pray that:

* God's grace may indwel us for the remaining travel schedule;
* God's grace will prepare us for the upcoming ministries mentally and spiritually; and
* God's grace will continue to help heal my mother-in-law and restore heavenly peace with her.
- Jeffrey

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