Sunday, January 25, 2009

(D-5) Rwanda Ministry Partner Night in Colorado...

[<=Pastor Matthew sharing the Word] [A good bunch of prayer partners =>]

Last night, we held the RMP Night for Colorado prayer partners at Palace Chinese Restaurant in Denver. A total of 45 brothers and sisters gathered. We listened to the message of Pastor Matthew and were challenged greatly. He quoted John Piper and preached about three "P"s of Mission. The quick summary is as follows:

Purpose of Mission: God loves all nations and thus we need to reach out to them. (Psalm 96)
Power of Mission: It is not our will or ability, but it is the power of the Holy Spirit that will enable us to do the work of mission. (Eph. 3)
Price of Mission: Mission involves certain prices. Based on the good Samaritan's story, we should expect certain sacrifices: i.e. compassion, great efforts, time, finance.

After I presented to them how the Lord has been leading us to this point after I made a commitment to a spiritual life tithing, they all put their hands on us and prayed together. How encouraging it is to know that there are such faithful partners to support us in prayer! We were greatly encouraged and empowered. Thank you, Lord and Praise you, Lord!

It was also a wonderful reunion of many old friends who used to fellowship at the same church, KCPC. All seemed to have enjoyed the gathering with deep gratitude to our Lord.

Please pray that:

* the ministry partners will join us in ministry through faithful prayers;
* the ministry partners will also experience the good works being done in Rwanda; and
* the ministry partners will also be challenged with the great commission and go to the nations that we are called to reach out. - Jeffrey Lee

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